Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This n That

La! I am back from the frozen north after several days of cold fingers, ice climbing, and mountain climbing. It was the first time I'd done any of that, and now all I want to do is strap on crampons and climb blue ice.

The trip gave me a much-needed break from book revisions; so much so that when my dad asked where I was in the process I had to struggle to remember:

"Uh, I made a list of five big changes. One of them involved ... the ending? I think?"

It also gave me a similarly much-needed break from boatbuilding (also involving sharp things and cold fingers, come to think of it). Upon my return to the shop I found it difficult to believe that I had ripped all those fir strips. That must have taken forever. Fortunately my brain just dumped that file so I barely remember it. Thanx, brain!

So now I find myself, post-summit, with a new desk (my grandfather's), five solid changes to make to the book (it's okay now; these will make it good), and what seem like three hundred long strips of fir to scarph into twenty-foot pieces.

How sad it would be to have nothing to do!


Barbara said...

Nothing like a major scenery change to spark that motivation site in the brain. Everything sounds and looks new. Have fun!

Sam said...

Waaaaiiiit!! Noooooo changes! Didn't you know that "change is bad"? (Glen Beck)
PS Did you read the Book of Lost Things yet?