Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hi, remember me?

The blog? The what now? Blog?

Ah, yes. Truth be told I've been too busy working to write about working. Then it seemed out-of-scale to provide tiny updates: after so long a pause, shouldn't the next update be truly momentous? Yes, I agree: it should. So here goes!

Explosions! Dinosaurs riding flaming motorcycles! Robot cowboys shooting flaming bullets! Planetary collision! DNA collisions! Tidal waves! Wowee-wowee-wow!

In other news, I continue to watch the sunrises through a screen of black trees (if I'm out on a run) or from over a cup of Sumatra Dark and a stack of manuscript pages (if I'm editing). I've nearly perfected my warm-up-wood-so-it-can-be-glued technique, just in time for the weather to warm up and thus render my technique unnecessary. Oh, spring, how vexing you are.

Tiny nubs are just starting to appear on the trees. I heard birdsong today and it felt like waking up after a long and restful sleep. I can smell wet dirt outside. Spring is coming: warm weather, boatbuilding and FINISHING THE BLASTED DRAFT ALREADY.

Ha ha! I kid. No draft is ever finished.


Barbara said...

Why is it that the robins hide in the woods all winter without a single toot or song, then suddenly they appear and the song rises? I noticed that early morning song too--about a week after all the geese gathered and darkened the skies and headed north--all in about 3 days!

Sam said...

There are two references to 'flaming' in that post. Better make sure you tag that..

S R Wood said...

Barbara -- You're right, sometimes spring is an explosion. I love it! I heard frogs for the first time on Thursday morning.

Samantha -- Everything I do is carefully planned.