Wednesday, February 17, 2010


[This weekend I am traveling north to climb a mountain, putting me in mind of piles of crated expedition equipment, the breath of dogs puffing at the train station, the smell of locomotive grease and woodsmoke on a cold day.]

Professor H. M. Wracksen, Univ. of Nordencap, 13th Jul.

Recv'd yr note of June last; original response to same lost in gale with tent and 6 brls walrus fat. No matter. Vry. disappointed to hear comm's response to proposal. Have they no imagination? Strike that. Have they no desire for knowledge? No greed?

Important: Am planning to cont. expedition even tho' without funding. Pls. communicate my resignation as adjunct professor effective imm.

Aynglisard Stremnius Bel, PhD, etc.

Wracksen! Urge calm and beg yr consideration of climatic factors in yr decision. Surely if you returned to warmer latitudes you might forthwith reconsider. Surely you see that to continue now is madness, spite even. Beg yr patience, I will try again with the committee.

A. Stremnius Bel

Two days later. Forgive me Wracksen but we are lost. Hemple seems to have a hold on them, all of them who once thirsted for knowledge and the mystery we suspect in the north, as I know you and I still do. Again, patience. I will find a solution. Do not begin alone.

Wracksen, expl. 57'20

Bel: send dogs, salt, and kerosene.

Wracksen, appx. 58'00

Bel: Send replacment astron. tables; Polaris not visible. Also Book of Days.

A. S. Bel, 26 Sept.

My dear Wracksen, I am coming with supplies and recording equipment. The autumnal gales have started early this year and I fear that which we seek may already be beyond us. Patience, Wracksen! In patience all things. Expect me 58'00 by 24 Oct unless locomotive freezes or swarmed by Kiv bandits. I joke. Perhaps. Send up a flare each midnight to guide---

Bel, 2 Nov

W, if you retrn. to yr. camp and find this I have cont'd. N in hopes of finding you or sign of you. The mystery ... how weak my hand grows, this thrice-Damned cold ... awaits


Sam said...

I forgot to comment on how much I liked that!! Sounds like you guys had a good trip. By the by, The Book of Lost Things is AWESOME!! You should see if the C'ville library has it.

Sam said...

looks like they have six copies scattered throughout their stacks..

S R Wood said...

Sam -- thanks, glad you liked it! It's fun to slip into other characters.

OK, I'll check into the Book of Lost Things.