Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Why am I proud that my New Year's resolution contains an obscenity? Here is the PG-13 version:

No more fooling around. This is the year of not fooling around.

With what? Great question, thanks for asking. With writing, boatbuilding, finding an agent, biking, eating well. Everything. No more delays or (worse) procrastination or (worst of all) excuses.

This is better than some of my other discarded resolutions:

To rock.

To swear more.

To get more haircuts.

To get fewer haircuts.

To be better at separating laundry.

To care about plants.

To use hand lotion more (mainly a wintertime resolution).

To learn how to throat-sing.

To see more praying mantises. Mantii?

To fall down the stairs more often than I fall up them.

To wash dishtowels more frequently, which should be easy considering how dang many we have.

To sweep out the boatbuilding area more.

Yes, the year of not fooling around anymore has just the ring to it. Onward!


Peter S said...

A prominent psychologist once said that you shouldn't try to improve the things you aren't good at--instead focus on improving your strengths. This is a doubly powerful message in that you can identify your strengths and not waste time battling your own ineptitude in certain areas.

Regarding eating well, it has been surprisingly easy to eliminate processed food from my diet. Shop the outside of the grocery store and you'll feel and eat much better.

Sam said...

Is Peter starting a new "Dear Peter" column?

Also, do I want to know what "throat singing" is? My resolution is to actually do the Death Ride this year.

S R Wood said...

I think that thing about shopping the outside of the store is a myth. I tried that and all I found were dumpsters and sewer rats pretending to be Chihuahuas. Also, it was freezing cold so I went inside and bought DingDongs.

Sam - I just looked up the Death Ride and I think it's closed for 2010! Throat singing involves gastric breaths. Well, not really.

Cristina said...

Amazing…I tell Peter yesterday about a book I’ve been reading by a psychologist who does research on happiness and he’s already processed the information and used it to comment on your blog. Maybe we need a “Dear Cristina” column ;P Are you really a procrastinator? I don’t get that impression considering all of things you accomplish. I think you should start easy: use more hand lotion. Just put the bottle next to the hand soap. I myself have decided to do 3-month long resolutions and to re-evaluate and start new ones every time the seasons change.