Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It IS Possible

Steve Earley, who built a boat to the same design I am building (a John Welsford Pathfinder), recently returned from a week-long cruise with his friend Bruce.

Now, I visit their blog regularly because it's great to see pictures of a completed boat. And a little surreal, since mine is only half-framed in the garage and looks like a dinosaur skeleton. But now that Steve and Bruce are posting photos and commentary from their cruise along the shallow bays of coastal North Carolina, I am more inspired than ever!

This is exactly what these boats were designed for. Click on over and you may be as entranced as I am. Great stuff, guys.

There's a lot of building left to do but Steve's photos make it all seem possible.

But wait, there's more! Perry Burton is nearly done with his Pathfinder after less than a year. I am embarrassed to say how long I've been building mine. He has great photos and building tips, as well as helpful how-he-did-it details that I've gratefully used in some of the trickier moments of boatbuilding. I wish I knew more about sailing around Newfoundland, but other than seagulls and Great Big Sea, I am sadly ignorant.

Presumably one solution, once I've done with my boat, is to trailer it up there and find out for myself. Or sail it.


Babs said...

Great to see what the finished boat looks like. It's a beaut! Hang in there. YOu'll be done in no time.

Dad said...

Oh, man.
I could feel the gentle swell beneath me, smell the salt air, and I swear -- the boat's moving in one of those pictures.
Hurry, Seth!

keith said...

Sunday Scribblings seems to have disappeared, but there is an alternative, Carry On Tuesday. The new prompt is up, hope you can join us.

Perry Burton said...

Don's sweat the time taken Seth. It's fun working on a large project, I am just a little on the impatient side and want to sail... badly. Keep plugging away and enjoy the journey.