Monday, March 30, 2009

Short time

Passing 100,000 words in my work-in-progress has turned out to be a relief. No more milestones! I know I won't reach 200,000 -- Lord knows I don't want to -- and so now I can concentrate on the crescendo of narrative that is just starting to build. Big finish, now, everybody focus!

At the same time I'm rushing to prepare boat parts so then when we have company this weekend I can enlist our guests' muscles to help lift the widowmaker centerboard assembly into the slot prepared for it in the boat bottom. Yep: I cut a slot in my bottom. Still funny!

This entails bolting, prepping, gluing, curing, sanding, and cleaning, all by this weekend. So just as the book kicks into fast gear, so too has boatbuilding. Luckily with warm weather, epoxy now cures overnight so I can go twice as fast as I used to. The down side: the bright work lights attract bugs, which nosedive into the uncured epoxy and stick, as it cures, like mosquitoes in Jurassic amber. Extra ballast, I say.

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