Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Darkness at Dawn

Daylight Savings Time has made my morning runs a little tricky. As in: completely black. Imagine my surprise, then, when I left the house this morning under the silver light of a full moon.

It hung in the sky like a sun, and was so bright I wondered if I'd need sunglasses. Moonglasses. My shadow streamed behind me as I ran into the glow.

But the moon was setting, and 40 minutes later , it was a watery and tired yellow behind a screen of clouds that looked like woven fingers, the light diffusing and spreading so that I almost couldn't see the round moon at its center. And my shadow faded. And the trees darkened. And the sky lots its sheen.

By the time I walked panting up our driveway the moon had set and it was fully night: black sky and stars, and a dim blueness high and far off that only hinted at dawn.

That's first time I've ever seen it get darker on a morning run.

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Babs said...

Vivid description! I loved it. You can surely "turn a phrase".