Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This is not more like it

News flash: I did not get blown away while running in the hurricane last weekend. And by "hurricane," I mean sprinkling rain, and by "running," I mean sitting on the couch squeezing cookie dough into my mouth. Kidding! I waited until after the run for that. Kidding! It was during the run.

Okay, enough. I'm in New York for business this week and OMG it is soooo awesome, the hotel room like has its own sweet mini-bar, and even tho there's nothing in it it could totally hold like six Zimas and whatnot. My cousin's friend works with this guy whose ex-girlfriend that he's still like with, but not with-with, is gonna get us into this club and...

Okay, enough. I've been in meetings all day WEARING A TIE and apparently there's some sort of side effect of saying things like "proactive" and "identity is a dialogue" and "shutuppa you face." Kidding!

I tend to become grouchy and cynical in New York; I find the setting claustrophobic and the people proudly cruel. But that can't be right! Some of the most interesting ideas in the world come from this city. Some of the best books, food, etc. So I try to remain open to the bustling mad wonder of it all. Most of the time I succeed but nine hours of wearing a tie tends to strip off my civilized veneer.

Worst of all the schedule leaves no room for writing, so I scribble notes to myself all day, like "avalanche of bones" and "cod cheeks" and "soot on snow; blood?" Trust me, these will (mostly) work their way into a draft someday.

So forgive the spotty posting for now; I'm paying bills.


Peter S said...

Funny, just yesterday I was just thinking of the phrase "shut uppa you face".

I wonder if the "I'm important and you're not" attitude of Los Angeles could overpower the "there's a world outside Manhattan?" proud insularity of New Yorkers? Maybe they repel like same-pole magnets. It's probably why they are on the opposite sides of the country--the extreme egotism and snarkiness would cause a cataclysmic event. Like, OMG, who are YOU?

Laini Taylor said...

Love the weird random notes. Avalanche of bones! Nice. I wonder if any other tie-wearer happened to glance over your shoulder and see that.