Sunday, September 14, 2008

Away Ere Break of Day

I know it seems like all I ever do is go on vacation, but to me it seems like all I ever do is not go on vacation. Either way, we are packed and hope to be away before 7AM for a week at the beach.

I've given up packing books in with other things and have just piled them all into a cardboard box. Books on writing, some good fiction, some nonfiction for research. Notebooks for story ideas, the laptop with story notes. All sorts of good stuff. Oh, and food and clothes and things too. Not to mention the French Press, since I'm dubious about rental house coffeemakers to produce appropriately thick coffee.

I'm also dubious about Internet access from vacation, so this may be my last posting for a week. Fear not! I will return revived and energized and sandy.

I'd been hoping to get up and leave before 6; there's something magical about starting a trip before dawn. That suggestion did not get a good reaction from my wife, thus the 7AM compromise.

Have a great week!

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