Friday, May 23, 2008

Four themes

I've folded index card in half to make a sort of miniature easel to sit on my monitor stand at work. On each half (both sides) I've jotted down a brief phrase or single word to either reflect my mood or inspire me for work (rarely), boatbuilding (often), or writing (frequently). Then I rotate the card depending on which phrase seems most relevant.

Ever since Wednesday I've had the "Stability is a perception" label facing me. We've had some upheavals at work and it's comforting to remember that just because we get used to things, that doesn't necessarily mean that they are stable. Change happens.

Somewhere I read that it is simultaneously a wonderful expression of fortitude and a resigned message of helplessness that humans can get used to almost anything. If we're injured, for example, we favor the damaged ankle or wrist or knee until we don't even realize we're favoring it, until some other injury comes along.

Stability, health, steady job, weather, relationships, quality of coffee, price of gas, dislike of olives, peace in the Middle East, war in the Middle East: stability is a perception.

Not an illusion; not a lie; not a mistake. A perception.

Coming soon: the other three themes on my Card o' Wisdom! Be kind to your fingernails and do not nibble them to stumps while you wait.


Samantha said...

So you like olives now?

S R Wood said...

Love 'em. Eggplant, however, is and always will be RIGHT OUT.