Thursday, May 29, 2008


Next stop on the notecard easel tour: COMMIT.

[struck with situational and stress-induced dyslexia, I cannot remember if I need a second T in that.]

This means: dreaming is good, flexibility is good, but it's all crap unless you sit down and get to work at some point. This applies to any endeavor worth doing: writing, boatbuilding, marathon training, pumpkin carving, etc.

It'll involve hard work and self-doubt and despair (nearly as bad as self-doubt) and lots and lots of time. But there's a magic that happens when you commit, really throw yourself into a project and leave behind the distractions. Was it Nietsche who had something pithy to say about that? Maybe it was Thoreau. Well, same difference.

Jump in. Just do it. Commit.

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