Wednesday, December 7, 2011

And we roll on

Where is all the writing? Thousands and thousands of words appearing not here in this neglected blog but on the creeping growth of my work-in-progress. I've always known that consistency and moderation are the keys to smart exercise, like marathon training. But it turns out the long slow burn -- for me, anyway -- is also the way to write a novel.

Actually, in this case, I am re-writing in a complicated and risky way that I hope will pan out. "Just wait until the re-read," I keep telling myself. You have to kill the doubts, because even though they may be justified, they will douse the creative spark.

I am unraveling the threads of the book and weaving in a new character, new perspective, additional thickness that should make it more real and more compelling. Many scenes are new; a few are rewritten from another point of view, which involves (I'm learning) more than a simple copy-and-paste of pronouns. Different characters describe things in different ways. They notice different things, use different vocabularies. They are different cameras through which to see the world.

Right now I'm rushing to get it all down in a way that makes rough sense. Later I'll shape it. Will it work? That's what I'm gambling on. If I didn't believe I wouldn't work at this solitary mind game.


Babs said...

What a wonderful and creative way to approach writing. It will be robust with new life infused into an already awesome piece of writing. Can't wait to read it!

Anonymous said...

I came across your site while I was researching about a style of writing I have been messing around with; to no avail! I am curious if you know where I might look to find some more information on this style that I am starting to think is non existent!???
Either way, maybe it will give some ispiration? I see on your site that your asking about where all the writing is, here is something I wrote last week, I hope you enjoy it! Awesome site, and thanks!

Blonde and Blue

Blonde hair crosses my site,
Blue eyes locked in twice,
As her reflection becomes one with mine,
Perfection comes to life this time!

(First Verse)
Blue and blonde with lined hairs cross site;
My leaving alive becomes fright!
Tonight you will choose to target;
Write the key and course the map to time!
It's when remembering about our words and rhymes,
These said things just stay words said.
My singing is love; to key the lock!
The unlock to long life is love true from inspiration!

(Verse in Reverse)
Inspiration from true love is life long!
To unlock the lock,
The key to love is singing!
My said words stay just things said;
These rhymes and words are about Remembering!
When it's time to map the course,
And key the right target to choose,
Will you?
Tonight, fright becomes alive,
Leaving my site cross hairs lined with blonde and blue!

Thanks again!

S R Wood said...

Joebucholtz34 - Thanks for commenting. I'm afraid I don't know any more about this style of writing -- reversing poetry is something that I stumbled across some years back but never returned to. Good luck with it!