Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Think of the one

I recently read that one in ten manuscripts sees success. I say: ignore the nine and be the one.

Or is it one in fifty? In three hundred? In ten thousand? One in ten thousand? "So you're saying I have a shot!"

Each of us thinks we're that one. Why bother doing anything if you assume you're in the group of nine who get ignored? Half-effort is a waste of time.

No: you have to believe. And then get to work.

Because, sure, patience is a virtue. But so is diligence. After all, to paraphrase Steve Martin, how else can you "be so good they can't ignore you?"

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Babs said...

You ARE the one! I've actually heard that if you consistently think positive thoughts that you're more likely to have whatever you're thinking of happen. Go for the glass 3/4 full! Oh heck--go for the glass completely full.