Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Micro and macro

Micro-level line editing continues very slowly. I realized that if I quit slouching around on the couch watching TV, I could get in at least another hour per day. Done! And thank goodness for coffee.

At the same time I'm getting ready to start querying this latest book. Since I know it takes a good couple of weeks to come up with a workable query, I'm trying to start now.

It's tricky, like going from reading glasses to a telescope, to be working on micro-edits but also trying to hold the macro-level themes in my head well enough to pull out the threads of a compelling query. That's what it feels like: I'm faced with this enormous tangle of yarn, and I have to reach in, hook a few strands, and tease them out. Then mail them off and hope somebody can envision the sweater.

Hey, a knitting metaphor! Probably my last! Hooray for coffee! Did I already say that!?

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Cristina said...

You mentioned both knitting and coffee so I had to post something in the comments ;P