Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I May Have a Problem With Coffee

Maybe the indigestion comes from stress at work. It's possible, right? Or maybe, just maybe, it's from black coffee on an empty stomach. But I wrote this morning, how could I not have coffee? O the barbarity of such a thought.

But now something odd has happened. Having some coffee at work (what goes better with a PBJ than coffee? Nothing, that's what) I discovered that it actually reduces my indigestion. Hooray coffee!

This is like the time I thought I was catching a cold, so I diligently ate leafy greans and whole grain bread, drank lots of water, etc etc etc. Day after day I was mercilessly conscientious ... and day after day I felt worse and worse. Until the night I had half a pizza and a few beers for dinner. Hey presto: cold symptoms immediately gone.

Speaking of strange physical maladies, last week I took the two 8-foot sheets of heavy plywood that will form the bottom of my boat, and glued them end-to-end, forming a single 16-foot piece. This required a special angled joint called a scarf, lots of glue, and a complicated clamping-and-heat-lamp apparatus. But at the end of the afternoon, with the bottom pieces curing into a single long piece, I was able to announce: I have glued my bottom together.

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Peter S said...

Wait for it...wait for it. There it is. The punchline. And well worth it.

When it comes to rigging time, when will you be erecting your mast?