Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Over the Brink

A few late mornings (caused by late nights) notwithstanding, I've remained mostly on track with my early writing plan through the holidays. Note to self: playing Guitar Hero until 2AM is generally not conducive to rising early to write the following day.

Nevertheless! I crossed the 30,000 word threshold on the morning of December 24, and as of this morning I'm at 34,400 words, every one of them seemingly a dull agony, an ugly little bowl filled with pap and tasting of nothing despite the effort that went into them. Kind of like a 34,000-word version of that metaphor, actually.

Nevertheless! 34,400 words is 34,400 words; some of them may be useful; as a whole the thing has momentum now and, most important, I can make it better. It's salvageable, which is really all I ask of a first draft.

Nevertheless! It is not finished, no Precious, a long way indeed from being finished. I'm at the point in the story where I thought I'd be after 10,000 words. Once I trim 20,000 words in revisions -- I'm only half-kidding here -- I should be in good shape.

Nevertheless! Between my "30,000 by end of year" post on Jolie Stekly's blog, and the way such a round number feels significant, I feel like the story has finally clawed up over the lip of the cliff and will have easier walking for some time. That's fancy metaphor-talk for "momentum."

Or maybe the right metaphor is that it's been dragging itself downhill, picking up speed (and cuts from brambles) and now, having rushed to the edge of the cliff, has swung heedless into the abyss.

Nevertheless! The story is on its way.


Samantha said...

WHO HAS GUITAR HERO?? Isn't it awesome!!??

S R Wood said...

Ha ha, it is. Taylor had it, with two guitars, and we fumbled through Black Magic Woman like six-thumbed mandrills.

Cuppa Jolie said...

Wanted to leave a note here, too! Truly impressive. Truly! Rough drafts aren't meant to be pretty but I'm sure you're going to find those diamonds just waiting to be polished once you're all done. I hope you continue to be as productive in '09.