Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Check and check

Kristin Nelson has an interesting list of fantasy "don'ts" on her March 28 blog, from a fantasy editor. I was pleased to see that The Turning Away comes out looking pretty good. Though I am a bit biased.

Among the turn-offs: The protagonist is The Chosen One. There is a lost magical item and the search for it drives the story. Characters must pass through a portal to begin the story (like a wardrobe, ahem). The protagonist wakes up and begins his or her day in the opening chapter. The protagonist is an orphan who must live up to their dead parents. ("Living up to" dead people is an odd phrase but just go with it.)

I was going to list all the ways The Turning Away deftly avoids all these, but you'll just have to read the book. Extra credit for anyone who remembers the Time Life ad from the 80's that gave us that phrase.

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