Thursday, February 28, 2008

Query me this:

Sam Kelson is startled to find a phrase from his nightmares carved into an old bone. His friends are convinced it leads to buried treasure, but when a sinister archaeologist reveals her desperate interest in the message, they suspect that more is at stake than pirate gold.

It is three hundred years after the last battle between good and evil. The Dark has awakened to an undefended world, and Sam and his friends are unwittingly drawn into the ancient conflict.

There is no wise old wizard, no magical portal, and no powerful item that will save the world. Just five kids who must overcome their skepticism, fears, and loss as they race to solve the mystery of the bone and the Dark summons its lieutenants to stop them.

The Turning Away is a 64,000-word middle-grade fantasy that explores loyalty, sacrifice, and blind courage.

[edited 4 March]

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